Monday, May 18, 2015

A Weekend Update

Items of note from our weekend:

A Photo journal entry on what we did this weekend. 

Sometimes we forget to find {JOY} in the mundane events of our lives. 

When you have suffered devastating loss- of any type- you appreciate small moments with a new perspective.

I would love to see things from your perspective today- 

What did you do this weekend? 

Please share any photos of you and yours enjoying the weekend on our Facebook page.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Share The Love Saturday

This Saturday I'd like to share an organization which is more appropriate for baby loss moms.

Faces of Loss. 

One in four women will suffer from pregnancy or infant loss. Faces of Loss puts a face to those experiencing this type of tragedy, which ensures that no one ever has to feel alone. 

Please visit Faces of Loss of you have suffered a loss of any type, and share your story to help another mom.

We have shared Beatrix's story on Faces of Loss HERE

Friday, May 15, 2015

She Brings Joy Blog Hop- My Child is a Gift

For moms who are interested: 

I am going to begin to host a "blog hop" every Friday for bereaved parents who write. Blog hops are not as popular now as they were a few years ago, but connecting through writing was such a lifesaving experience for me. I would like to know that other families can find healing reading one another's words. I think this can be so valuable.

This blog hop will be a bit different than most, which just want you to post your current blog post.

Each Friday, I will post an idea prompt to be written about over the course of the following week. For example, the idea prompt for today, and the rest of this week:

My child is a gift

Most of us understand that no one would ever choose to walk the child-loss path. We can, however, choose to see our children as the incredible gifts they are. 

Each child has a special place in their family dynamic, in their community, and in the world. 

In our bereavement we are so often overwhelmed by our sorrow, that it can be difficult to view our children as gifts.

I would love to read your post regarding why/how your child was a gift to you. In addition, there will be a new idea prompt each week. 

Three rules: 

1) This is a child-loss hop. You must be a bereaved/healing parent to participate. This includes children lost from conception forward- early term miscarriage, teenagers, adults. If you have lost a child, you can link up.

2) This is a carry to term blog. I would prefer no posts promoting termination of pregnancy after a poor pregnancy diagnosis. 

3) Please link back to this post, somewhere in your own. That way other moms can find it, and participate. 

I know this will be a slow starter, so I may repeat the first few subjects in the future when more people are participating. I will extend this first hop, until there are a few posters.

If you are a bereaved mother who writes, and you know of other writing mothers who may be interested in participating, please share with them. The more entries there are, the more healing will take place.

Thank you so much.

(I've started off with my own "gift" post.)

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