Beatrix's Story

My Beatrix's Story is still happening, just not this side of heaven. You can read about how we came to bring her into this word before sending her off to the next, HERE.

Why do I keep writing after all of these years?

I suppose it may seem morbid to center all of this effort on a baby that has died.

However, on a daily basis I care for my living children in various, intimate ways. We live a "normal" life. We go to lessons, on trips. I laugh. We have fun.

This is the place where I can unload any feelings I have about the loss of my daughter.

This place is a place for me to be free minded, and free speaking, about one person. One small child that changed my outlook on life. A tiny girl who deserves so much more than to be forgotten in time.

My goal is to begin a grief dialogue that may span years. I would like to help people at every stage of grief, not just the initial time period after their loss.

So, expect that a year from now, I will be writing about my Bea.

This won't be because I have difficulty letting go of things that I can not change, but rather because I am making willful choice to leave this small portion for her.

This is her place.

Enjoy. Love. Be prayerful and peaceful in your journey.