Monday, July 25, 2011

Today, I looked around here for the first time in many months. When I was in the beginning stages of my grief I felt like I had to splash Bea's name everywhere. I wanted everyone to see her story. I didn't think much beyond that because I couldn't imagine how my life was going to continue on. Her story was the entire blog at that point. It was my entire being at that point.

I don't know if I (at the time) intended this to be more than that one entry.

As for now, I kind of like the idea of writing just for the sake of hoping someone hears the message. That someone is standing on a distant shore searching for answers. I kind of like the idea of writing freely without constraints.

So, maybe I'll keep updating this every once in a while. And maybe someone will read it once in a while. And maybe we can help each other out.

Today, I'm just going to end with a thought- this is one of the things that I'm thankful for today:

I have a whole long list of the good things in my life, but my family just about tops the list. I am fortunate enough to have children, where many women I have met on this journey have none. So while I grieve my beautiful baby Bea, I also find joy in other smiling faces.


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