Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My daughter was fearfully and wonderfully made. I would like to make that clear. She was created- not a fluke of nature. Not a mistake.

She was intentional.

Each cell in her body was pasted together by Someone who fashioned her in love. Each tiny, red hair on her head was numbered. He whispered endearments into her small seashell ears.

He loved her.

She was molded from shards of spirit and sunlight. His hands pinched and tucked out the pieces of her that made her unlike any other person on this earth.

Her eyelashes were laid down by Him. A piece of art more beautiful than anything a human mind could conceive of creating.

The wrinkles in her fingers were carefully carved out of her skin. The fold on the back of her neck was softened and her knees were beautiful in my hands.

Her atoms were microscopic universes, encapsulated in blood and bones, the nucleus of each a sun surrounded by the electric charge of a lifetime lived in seconds.

Her body was unlike any other human body ever to grace this place we mistakenly call home- there will never be any other person exactly like her again.

He made her unique.

Each breath that she took was noted by Him. They were, every last one, written down in His book of life. Her part of the plan was vital- she was an agent of His desire. A means to His end.

He drew the lines in the palms of her hands. He sketched each fingerprint, indelible in her skin. He was aware of all that she would touch. Of where she would leave her mark.

The mark of His hand was evident in each piece of her. His fingerprints were in the wide, dark irises of her eyes.

He knew her.  

And because He knew her, I know Him.

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