Thursday, March 06, 2014

Today is a tough day.


One of those out of the blue days where my heart is ripped open and laid bare and I wonder and am angry and am humbled all at once.

One of those days that doesn't come too often anymore.

One of those days that I thought were somewhat behind me, where I would love to crawl into the back of my closet and sleep for a week.

One of those days where the tears are fresh on my eyelashes and my nose has that tingling feeling- that "I am poised to cry, so please be gentle with me" feeling.

One of those days where missing her is a physical ache- where my body aches for her and my arms can not be satisfied with anything less than her weight.

Only someone who knows this ache can take seriously the claim that every muscle in my body- every cell- cries out for relief. 

And the only relief would be her, alive.


Sometimes, even though I am where I am, it's difficult not to be where I was.

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