What People Still Say. After Four Years. Unsolicited.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You Didn't Even Know Her, 
How Could You Possibly Miss Her?

I wish you could remember her with me-
what does it take away from your life?
An uncomfortable feeling that you can walk away from, 
when you choose?
But you can't, and I understand. 

Her body makes you cave and it reminds you of where you came from.

Her small self took up so little space in this space.

My remembering takes up so little space in the world.

If you do not want to remember her with me- please leave me to miss her myself.

It's Been Four Years Now, 

It's time to let go

You never held her- her tiny hands were so graceful.

Because you did not hold her,  you can not possibly understand how difficult it was to let her go.

When you say "move on", you really mean- be the who that you were before she came.

When you have touched something so precious,
so beautiful-
you can never be who you were before.

I Know That You Don't Understand Right Now, 
But This Is All Part Of God's Plan

A most pervasive myth. 

Death was never part of God's plan- 

She is so very beautiful.
I have a finite amount of time and energy in this world- 
not nearly enough time to illustrate
why I will always be changed.  

Why I will never stop missing her.

Why I will never get over her-
whether it's been four or forty years.

Why I will never believe that it's 
part of God's plan that my daughter died.


as long as I'm here and she's there, 
I will tell the world about her. 

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