LifeNews Readers- please read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

If you have come to this blog from the opinion piece that I did for Save the 1, and which appeared in LifeNews- please do me a favor....... It will only take a few seconds and will make some moms and dads super happy-

Every year around Valentines day, a blog called All That Love Can Do hosts a "Love Letters" Series for families who have lost children.

Because I like to pay it forward, I would love if you would stop on over there (please read this entire statement before doing so...)  and leave a sweet note for these moms and dads, so that they know that other people are thinking of their babies with love today. I can not express to you how difficult holidays are for the parent who has lost a child- and a "minor" holiday like Valentine's Day is no different- no crayon cards, no hand print hearts.... no character cards to bring to pre-school..... The number on thing that every loss parent wants is for people to remember their babies. You could do this- remember with them.

********Keep in mind- All That Love Can Do IS NOT a blog that serves any sort of activism purposes- so just leave love comments, not anti-abortion comments.... while it is carry to term, it's not the right place for it. It's all about the LOVE today...

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