She Brings Joy Blog Hop 7/10/15- My Faith Has Been.....

Friday, July 10, 2015

Last Friday, I received terrible news. The type of news which alters your perception for a while.... I did not post a link-up.

I apologize.

Bad news often shakes us out of our routines. I have noted that four years after losing my sweet Beatrix I still have a difficult time recovering from unexpected events.

Part of growing in the post-lost world is understanding how different our perception about spiritual matters becomes. Most traumatic events are traumatic precisely because they have the ability to damage the foundation of what we believe about right and wrong in the world- they are events which damage our faith. 

My faith was changed after losing Beatrix -- drastically changed.

Some people lose their faith, some gain a deeper understanding of their faith, and some are still confused regarding the multitude of afterlife philosophies, and how those philosophies pertain to their grief.

This week's prompt is:

My Faith Has Been...

Where is your faith today? If you have faith in God, how has your faith changed?

If you don't, how has your faith changed in regards to your family, friends, and others in your circle?

No matter what your faith, the faith you knew before your loss(es) has been irrevocably changed since. What can you share regarding those feelings?

I hope to read about your faith journey, and tackle difficult questions about my own. Thank you  for sharing in my healing. I hope to be a part of yours.

As always:

Four rules: 

1) This is a child-loss/infertility hop. You must be a bereaved/healing parent to participate. This includes children lost from conception forward- early term miscarriage, teenagers, adults. If you have lost a child, you can link up. You may also link-up if you are struggling/ have struggled with infertility.

2) This is a carry to term blog. I would prefer no posts promoting termination of pregnancy after a poor pregnancy diagnosis. 

3) Please link back to this post, somewhere in your own. That way other moms can find it, and participate. 

4) Please leave a comment on as many other entries as possible. 

I know this will be a slow starter, so I may repeat the first few subjects in the future when more people are participating. I will also extend link-ups past their dates if there are no links submitted.

If you are a bereaved mother who writes, and you know of other writing mothers who may be interested in participating, please share with them. If you are a mother at heart, dealing with infertility, or you know of other moms going through the same circumstances, please invite them to join. The more entries there are, the more healing will take place.

Thank you so much.

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