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Saturday, August 29, 2015

This Saturday's share is a little different than my normal shares. It's a child-loss organization, but this organization focused on a different type of bereavement.

I am at a loss for words when trying to describe the beautiful work done by those at He Knows Your Name

(And if I forget to say this explicitly, make sure you go visit their site when you are finished reading this. You will be learning about one of the most beautiful love stories ever told. No one else does anything like this and I am so grateful I found them.)
Going forward, please forgive me for any choppy language. This one is a hard one -- my tender heart has a difficult time with such a heavy subject, especially after the emotional upheaval of the last few weeks.... I've had a difficult time writing about anything lately.


Sometimes we can pull something exquisite out of the heavy stuff, and this is what He Knows Your Name does.

This next paragraph will be a difficult read for loss moms. Just a warning to guard your heart. 

Occasionally the story of a dead child who has been abandoned will make the evening news. We read of an innocent child who was dumped in the garbage, like so much trash. I know my own heart breaks every time I hear one of these stories. It seems so unfair that what I would give anything to hold, someone tosses away so lightly.

For example, this earlier this summer, a toddler girl was found abandoned on a beach in Boston... She looked so much like my own M. I looked at the "alive" image which was being circulated, and felt my entire body ache for this lost girl. She is so beautiful. So much promise in such a tiny being. Gone. 

He Knows Your Name works to give dignity to these children who are anonymously abandoned. After learning of an abandoned baby they will posthumously, legally adopt them if necessary, or will petition for the right to claim their bodies. They provide a name and burial place for them. They give them beautiful memorial services. 

They affirm the dignity of each individual, no matter how "unwanted" they are.

In the big {worldly} scheme of things it may not seem as if what they do makes much difference, but what they caring for the least of these is never a futile endeavor. 

No one can change the circumstances of the lives and deaths of these children, but no one deserves as their epitaph “found abandoned". Names are so powerful, so important. Every child deserves a name.

He Knows Your Name recognizes this and honors children with an identity beyond that of "found abandoned". They honor them with names which imply:




"hoped for"


They give these babies the names which they deserve.

He Knows Your Name is a promise which speaks to all of us. That in our most desolate moments He will remember us. 

I cannot think of a more beautiful expression of God's love towards the "least of these", than this claiming and re-naming.

"…to them I will give within my temple and its walls a memorial and a name better than sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name that will not be cut off.”
Isaiah 56:5

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