Third Time’s a Charm?

Saturday, July 18, 2020

I’ve not written in quite some time. 

Microblogging via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram seem to be where it’s at. An occasional article for a bigger publication when I have the time and ability to submit has been my go-to over the last few years. 

However, with all of these options the ultimate published work is open to being altered, removed, edited, or even censored by the social media platforms we use most — it’s getting a little testy our there, if you haven’t noticed.

So here I am. 

A writing goal of once a month to start, hopefully working back up into more. 

If you’ve missed me, I can also still be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I talk about conservative politics and ProLife issues on all three. 

A few of my recent writing projects, so we can get to know one another again, can be found HERE, and I’m also in print, HERE

Sarah St. Onge at the March for Life 2020

March For Life 2020

I was gratified to be invited to the March For Life 2020, and speak for Rehumanize International, and was looking forward to speaking at a few local events, before Covid19 caused NY to go on Pause. 

For those who followed me due to my baby loss experience, those posts will stay up. I decided long ago not to remove writing from this blog, regardless of how outdated or poorly written the post was. It’s evidence of my evolution as a person, as well as my spiritual growth. 

That being said, as I may have mentioned before, I almost solely wrote about ProLife issues now, so guard your heart with this space. 

I look forward to once again learning more about you- 

Each post will be shared on Facebook, where you can comment and ask questions if you’d like. 

It’s good to be back. <3

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