Day 4- Capture your Grief

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Day 4. My Most Treasured Item.

This was difficult to choose- obviously, anything connected to Beatrix is my favorite item. And morbidly, I have to say that her ashes would be what I would run back into a burning house for. But I can't share a photo of them. That is for me alone.

I would have to say second only to them are these:

                                                                     tiny foot

                                                                    tiny hands

The foot is in a shadow box. Occasionally, I pull the glass off, and touch her tiny toes.  I kept the mould that my husband used to make this- because her foot touched it. Sometimes I touch the interior of that too, because I like to know that I am touching something that she touched.

I love her tiny feet and tiny hands.

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