Share the Love Saturday

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Today we will be sharing a special organization which helped us during our time with Beatrix-

Sufficient Grace Ministries provides birth support, memory boxes, and photography for families facing pregnancy and neonatal loss.

We would love to have some donations made in Beatrix's name over the course of the next week.

{It's a completely selfish want... but to know her name was on that donation form would be an affirmation that she was here and she is missed.}

Our favorite item from SGM is our sweet Bea Bear.

These bears are given to families so that they have something to hold tight to when they are leaving the hospital, and sometimes for cuddling when needing that connection at home:

Our Bea bear was immediately taken possession of by this guy, and for the first two years after our Beatrix died, he wouldn't sleep without her.

There are a number of items which SGM provides for families suffering miscarriage and neonatal loss. If you know someone who may need this type of support HERE is where they can request information. 

This organization is one of the best for families that we have come across. You will be helping someone greatly by donating to this effort.

Thank You!

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