If Only

Monday, June 08, 2015

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If Only

If only it was easier for people to choose joy. 

We often gravitate towards the people and mindsets which cause us the most misery. We stay pining after the past which left us unfulfilled and hurting. 

If only we could be more intentional in our choices and choose joy. 

What would a day look like, if we made this choice?

I have spent the last few days intentionally speaking love. Every time I felt frustrated or overwhelmed, I chose to respond to that frustration in love. Love is the root of joy.

By midday of the first day, there was already a marked difference in the mood of our home. We were calm, relaxed. 

We were smiling. 

I endeavored to make the choice about my actions as well as my words. When my husband called and asked for my help with a work situation, I took the time to listen to his ideas. As soon as we finished our conversation I organized the information he needed to implement his idea, instead of letting it fall to the wayside for "later". 

I made sure that I held my toddler when she asked to be held. Instead of complaining to my tween son about the clothes he had left all over the floor -- I put them in the hamper myself.

It was just a few days, but it made clear how easy it could be to choose joy.

If only I had understood the connection between choosing joy and speaking in love before- living intentionally seems so difficult, when you read what people have to say about it. 

I found that keeping myself accountable for what I discharged into the universe made the environment in my household much more peaceful. I have grown to habitually look back instead of forward, and choosing love for those few days allowed me to look both backward and forward. I was able to see a different way of being- and what I saw was beautiful.

If only it was so easy to explain to people that if they practiced peace through speaking in love, then joy would not necessarily be a choice -- it would become an environment. 

I plan on continuing this experiment. 

Each day marked down on the calendar will be one more day where my children and my husband, and all of the other people who I come into contact with, will be invited to inhabit a space which exudes joy. 

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