She Brings Joy Blog Hop 6/11/15- Where I am Today

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Each week brings all types of new experiences, and new thoughts on this baby loss journey. Whether you are at the beginning of your bereavement or a seasoned veteran your view on life "today" has been permanently changed, and is so valuable.

For those of us further along, a fresh view helps to remind us of how much we've grown and how much our grief has shaped who we are today. 

For those of us whose wounds are still fresh, it helps to know that someone has survived this. It helps to see that you can get through. It helps when you grow to understand that your feelings are natural.

This weeks prompt is:

 Where I am today

Where are you today, in terms of grief? Where are you in terms of disillusionment, strength, abandonment, acceptance, rebellion, or any number of other life-descriptions which fit into this world of loss?

We all take different routes on this path, and what works for some may not work for others -- but sharing the stories of our personal experiences can help guide someone else in their struggle. 

I hope to learn a lot about your path, and I hope you can learn from mine. 

As always:

Four rules: 

1) This is a child-loss hop. You must be a bereaved/healing parent to participate. This includes children lost from conception forward- early term miscarriage, teenagers, adults. If you have lost a child, you can link up.

2) This is a carry to term blog. I would prefer no posts promoting termination of pregnancy after a poor pregnancy diagnosis. 

3) Please link back to this post, somewhere in your own. That way other moms can find it, and participate or read stories which may speak to their experience.

4) Please leave a comment on as many other entries as possible. Every mom needs support.

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