My Protest Is Love

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

(Originally posted 9/8/15. Updated 5/12/19)

So-- I got to thinking about what I was feeling from this post. My protest being love, I mean. It took over my entire week.

I started something I believe will be interesting. In hopes of connecting a like-minded collective of people who will decide to make love be their protest.... beginning next month, I’ll be sending out a newsletter with two to three opportunities to help families in need.

I'd like to begin making commitments to vulnerable families, either via financial donations to established pro-life charities which deal with helping those who choose to continue their pregnancies in less than optimal circumstances, or in tangible goods for the families who I know. I’d also like to begin supporting less visible ProLife organizations which may be helping a segment of the population we may not even be aware of.

If you're moved to do the same, please do so... and then email me images of your Love Protest at

I’ve owned a “My Protest Is Love” Facebook page since 2015 — on which I’ll share those photos. Please feel free to like and follow the page, and afterwords share photos of your Love Protest there. Tag them #MyProtestIsLove. I will not generally be updating the page, except to share photos, as I am committed to my She Brings Joy page, and Facebook has thus far resisted fusing the two.

I know my platform is distinctly pro-life, but this is something which even pro-choice friends could participate in. It's all about helping people.

I hope that people participate and choose to protest not only with picket signs in front of clinics but with tangible goods which will help more women parent their children instead of ending their lives.

Studies have shown the second most common reason for a woman to end a pregnancy is financial inability to care for a child. The first reason: an ambiguous "not ready to have a child", which could indicate anything from not wanting children to a lack of support from others. Helping those who would parent if given the financial resources and support may not end all abortions, but it will go a long way towards curbing the number of abortions performed.

An opt-in form will be launched tomorrow afternoon, I hope you all will join me. 

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