Capture Your Grief, October 2015- Day 3, Honor

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Today's subject is Honor. I took this to mean-- what I've done to honor my daughter.

I'd like to believe I've done her honor with this:

Shortly after she was born my family created this website -- for families who faced her diagnosis (Limb Body Wall Complex) and who made the decision to continue their pregnancies. We curate stories and images of other babies carried to term with this ailment. 

When I first began researching Limb Body Wall Complex there were only images of aborted fetuses with LBWC. It's quite disheartening for a mother whose baby is still moving within her to have no valid images of what her baby may look like at birth. My hope is that eventually our birth images will begin to filter into the first and second pages of Google search, so that parents looking for answers understand that continuing their pregnancy is an option, and that their babies are going to be just as beautiful as a typical baby. 

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