Capture Your Grief Photo Challenge- Memory- October 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

In Memory~

This is my shadow box, with sweet Beatrix's tiny footprint. 

We {and our friends/family} have done a number of things in her memory. 

My husband and I began a support site for families facing the same diagnosis-

But that will be my inspiration photo, so I'll save more for that later. 

One of my close friends is currently training to run a half-marathon in My Bea's memory, for Saint Joesph's Children's Hospital. 

Various family members have donated to a number of organizations in her name. 

Our current memory project? We are in the process of writing a proposal to our church counsel, to ask that we be allowed to fund-raise for a new playground. 

We would like to do this by her 5th birthday, which would be December 2015. 

We also have begun planning a new aspect of support which is often overlooked, that we are so excited about- but that's a future goal. 

Much of our charitable giving and activities revolve around our daughter- and all of those gifts, whether of time, talent, or money, are done in memory of our daughter. 

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