Capture Your Grief Photo Challenge-Season- October 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

My season would be from the late Fall into early Winter.  From the moment of the first falling leaf I begin to walk back into that space where she is still being held so gently in my arms. 

The last months of my pregnancy were so terrible. Not because we knew that she was going to die but because we received very little support. The fall was spent traveling to physician's offices, being poked and prodded in an attempt to find out what exactly was wrong.

My family also marks October as a time of loss in general- we don't do well when it comes to October. I lost two cousins on October 25th- 20+ years apart. Brothers- my aunt has been through this baby-loss horror twice, on the same day, decades apart. One baby lost to SIDS and one grown-but-not-grown man to an automobile accident. 

My mother will also be gone for two years this October 18th. It seems that the world shouldn't be turning without her in it.

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