Capture Your Grief Photo Challenge- Sunrise- October 2014

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Two years ago I attempted to finish the entire Capture Your Grief photo challenge for pregnancy and infant loss month. My mom passed away and I was unable to finish- my grief was too deep to contemplate finding a way to help walk through it.

So, this year we attempt to do it again.

I am a day late posting, but here is my day one, "Sunrise":

Because I work nights, I am unable to get up early enough to catch a sunrise- we also live in the middle of the woods and can not really see the sunrise (or sunset). By the time it is visible to us it has already reached full light- the tops of the trees illuminated. No matter how many times that I have attempted to catch a sunrise here, I have no success.

This is my post for Sunrise- my subsequent baby- sunrise after a very dark night. She is radiant. Her light creeps into every corner and knocks out all of the shadows.

I will also be posting my photos on Instagram, @shebringsjoy.

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